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Celebrating 19+ Years of Extraordinary Handmade Chocolate Truffles!

Chocolate truffles are considered to be the royalty of the chocolate world. To see a larger photo of our full line, click here.So extraordinary, our chocolate truffles have been featured repeatedly on The Food Network as well as Fine Living TV and the Travel Channel! 

And we've been named the Best Chocolatier in America by America's Best Online!

But what makes our truffles extraordinary--the best--as we've been called? Each truffle is handmade and rolled in coarse chocolate to create an extremely creamy and unusually sumptuous chocolate truffle. Because of this unique process, created by founder, Tina Buck, there is no hard, sometimes waxy, outer shell to bite through, just pure truffle experience from the very first moment. Their handmade look belies a rich taste and sensuous texture that is unmatched. Our trademark box depicting the flower and foliage of the cacao tree adds to their charm.  It’s complete with a “truffle map” on the inside lid showing just which truffle is which. The box is accented with a matching raffia tie and is finished with a card containing a bit of chocolate lore. Recipients will learn how chocolate truffles got their name, why there is a powerful connection between chocolate and love or what role chocolate has played throughout history. The result of all this hand-work is a beautiful, almost rustic looking gift that is not only wildly delicious, but truly extraordinary!

In fact, Elle magazine named us the “Most Ravishing Online Chocolatier” ! USA said, “Visit The Chocolate Garden in Coloma for handmade chocolate truffles so decadent they'd make the French blush”. The Detroit News said, “To call The Chocolate Garden’s amazing truffles ‛candy’ would be a huge injustice.” Food writer David Rosengarten called us one of The Great Chocolates and reported: “these truffles are like nothing I’ve ever seen--in France or anywhere else--they are absolutely delicious!” Click here to read why one of our customers calls our truffles "Life Saving".

“The BEST chocolates I have ever eaten!”

Corpus Christi, Texas


The Chocolate Garden Order ScheduleCurrent Ship Schedule:

Orders Placed Today Will Ship Early Week of August 20th.

As our loyal customers know, The Chocolate Garden’s truffles are handmade by actual human beings and have a "consume by" date. We don’t package them up months in advance and wait for you to order because we want you to have the freshest chocolate truffles possible. Because of this attention to freshness and quality, we sometimes can't ship as quickly as a company selling, say, books or CDs (or mass-produced chocolates).  We also sometimes get backed up, especially after being featured on The Food Network or around holidays! And finally, we only ship early in the week (usually Mondays) to ensure your truffles don’t get stuck somewhere warm over the weekend or a holiday. For more info see shipping. We appreciate your understanding!

“I discovered The Chocolate Garden a few years back on the internet as I was browsing for 'best chocolate'. I gave it a try and never forgot how superior it was to other truffles.”

Bronx, New York

"Just wanted to let you know what my wife thought of your truffles.

The 3rd best chocolate truffle she said she ever had was in Belgium (she comes from Germany).

The 2nd best was in Colorado Springs, the day I proposed to her. (However, I think the situation played a role in her decision!)

But...she said the best one she had was yesterday - when she tasted your creations.

A big tip 'o the hat!”

Floral Park, New York

“We saw signs to your place on our way to Chicago, so on the way back (to Ohio) we stopped in. What a treat and well worth the stop. You make the best truffles I have EVER had!!! Love, love, love the dark chocolate! Thank you!”

Mary Kay
Akron, Ohio


“Your truffles are outstanding. During a roadtrip across MI, my friends and I saw your billboard and ventured off I-94 for a stop. Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, we were thrilled to discover what we thought was just "our little find"! Your chocolates are the best any of us have ever had, and the fact that you have received all of these awards, and yet you still take your time and hand-make everything. . .that's just outstanding. I recommend you to everyone and like to give your chocolates to my family. Keep it up, and thanks for representing Michigan in such a great way!”

Flat Rock, Michigan

Here we Grow Again!Here we Grow Again!

To make your time at The Chocolate Garden even more enjoyable, in 2011 we expanded again! We added about 500 square feet to our retail shop, a customer restroom, a patio with outdoor seating and a small tasting bar! For a nominal fee ($2.99 + tax) you can taste 3 truffles of your choosing. PLEASE NOTE: the tasting bar only holds 6-8 people at a time (2 spots are lower for wheelchair access or smaller people), and cannot be reserved. And although we've grown by leaps and bounds, we are still small and cannot accommodate large groups or busses. Thanks for understanding.

Open 7 Days a week, all year long with the following exceptions: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day and Easter. We are open all "eves" for your shopping pleasure!

Summer/Fall Hours (Memorial Day weekend through Halloween): 10am to 7pm.

Winter/Spring Hours (November 1st to Memorial Day weekend): 10am to 6pm.

For driving directions or more info about our shop, go to our Retail Location page. For the real inside scoop, like us on facebook.

“My dad brought home a few of your truffles on his way home from Chicago. I've had truffles from so many places, including Germany, France and Switzerland. All I have to say is that your truffles are absolutely amazing. I've never had anything like them!”

East Lansing, Michigan

“I am from Peoria, Illinois and I was driving up to Michigan to see a friend of mine. I saw the billboards for The Chocolate Garden and when I finally got to the exit, I HAD to stop. I bought 8 pieces of chocolate and shared them with my friend. They are BY FAR the BEST, most WONDERFUL pieces of chocolate goodness I have ever put in my mouth!!! I am in love with truffles and I am now in love with The Chocolate Garden. Absolutely delicious!!! I will definitely be getting some more on my way home to Illinois and will certainly be ordering some as well. THANK YOU!”

Peoria, Illinois

"Indulgence defined" says Midwest LivingWe're #1 in Midwest Living's Fantasy Box of Chocolates!

“Indulgence defined” says Midwest Living Magazine of our Milk Chocolate truffle. “A sensuously rich and buttery truffle rolled in soft pebbles of chocolate.” Wow, we're blushing. What an honor to be given the top spot in what staffers at Midwest Living hope “would be waiting in a little package with a bow on Valentine's Day morning.”

“I would like to say how much, how very, very much, I appreciate and enjoy the quality of your truffles, which are without a doubt the best truffles in the world! The smooth, rich flavors and silky texture make yours that something extra we all deserve! Keep up the great job!”

Kaukauna, Wisconsin


“This past Valentine's Day, I ordered a 9 oz box of your truffles as a gift for the woman I'm dating. Eleven days later, she became my fiancé. I don't know if it was the truffles that did it, but she LOVES the truffles! It's the best chocolate we've ever tasted!”

Alexandria, Louisiana

Our Mission

To produce only the highest quality chocolate products with a unique and charming personality.

“We stopped at your store after seeing your billboards on the way home from Mackinaw. I never expected to taste the best chocolate of my life! Your truffles are exquisite. We are planning to purchase them as favors for our wedding next year!”

Volo, Illinois

The Chocolate Garden’s Roots

Originally created over 30 years ago, our chocolate truffles were first developed as a holiday gift for clients and colleagues of then Chicago-based advertising executive, Tina Buck. Through experimentation and a bit of naïveté, Tina found a way to make her truffles even more luscious and creamy, having no idea at the time it would become her life’s work. Each year, the truffles got even better, and more and more people commented that they were really something special. Too often to count, Tina was told she should consider selling her extraordinary handmade chocolate truffles. These comments were usually prefaced with statements like “I know chocolate and I really think...” or “I’m a real chocolate connoisseur and you should...”

Tina Buck, Chief Chocolate Officer (CCO) of The Chocolate Garden.
Finally, Tina decided that she’d had enough of big-city corporate life and was ready to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She longed to move back to the country to be surrounded by green, open spaces. Since she had always had a passion for chocolate and already had a product that people loved, she decided to take the advice of all those experts and make her truffles available to chocolate lovers everywhere. In 1998, she founded The Chocolate Garden and spent about a year developing the packaging, getting the trademark and all the other aspects of creating a company from the ground up. She searched long and hard for the perfect spot near her family and finally found a charming old Italianate farmhouse in the country with a big yard and plenty of room for gardens. She built a commercial kitchen in the back and to the delight of many, The Chocolate Garden took root.

The Chocolate Garden uses the same labor-intensive techniques and high quality ingredients that Tina used when making truffles as gifts. They are still  made in small batches by actual human beings and the recipe is virtually unchanged since that time.

Today, these extraordinary handmade chocolate truffles are available only at our retail store and on the internet. And although a few companies are now trying to copy our unique truffles and the techniques created by Tina so many years ago (sadly, it's not just our imagination--they purchased our truffles first then came out with their look-alikes) we are pleased to report that no one has succeeded in copying our taste or texture. Most likely because a product inspired by the desire to copy will never compare to a product inspired by creativity, passion and love!

“I got a call yesterday from my freind, Barb. I said hello, and she just said, 'Oh. . . . my. . . . God!'  She had just received her truffles and tasted her first one. She could not believe how incredible it was. I had told her, but she apparently thought I was exaggerating. Now she knows. And she's a huge new fan.”

Oxford, Maryland

Contact Information

For quickest response, please call or email. Contacting us through the mail will greatly delay a response. Or visit us at our retail shop!

(269) 468-YUMM
that's (269) 468-9866
2691 Friday Road
Coloma, MI 49038

Electronic mail
General Information:

“Love your truffles! Best in the world. Would you guys ever consider opening retail outlets in other states?

PS-Darkest Dark Truffles are the best. No other truffle beats it.”

Orange City, Iowa

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