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1 Lb Box

  1 Lb Box

A real extravagance, the 1 Lb box holds 16 sumptuous and creamy chocolate truffles. Each truffle is nestled in our signature box featuring original art that we had commissioned. Like the 9 oz box, each 1 Lb box has a “truffle map” in the lid. It is also tied with raffia and finished with a card containing a bit of chocolate lore. The randomly attached cards explain how truffles got their name, the connection between chocolate and love,  where chocolate was originally thought to have come from, even the latest research that chocolate makes you live longer!

“Your chocolates really are outstanding. And I've eaten chocolate around the world. We've probably made at least 40 trips to Europe, and several to Asia, and I ALWAYS seek out special chocolate. I'm especially fond of chocolate from Switzerland, Belgium, and some from Germany and France. So for me to go crazy over truffles made in America is REALLY a compliment!! Generally, I NEVER even buy chocolate in the USA.”

Portage, Michigan


Available in these assortments:


The Full Bloom Assortment has the most variety of any of our assortments! You’ll get 16 different truffles including: Milk Chocolate Caramel, Salted Dark, Sticky Bun, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Cherry, Milk Chocolate Orange, White Chocolate, Darkest Dark Chocolate, Lemon Drop, Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean, White Chocolate Strawberry, Vanilla Rose, White Chocolate Latté and Milk Chocolate Pomegranate.
     Price Each - $45.99

The Dark Chocolate Assortment You'll get 4 Dark Chocolate, 3 of our Salted Dark and Dark Chocolate Raspberry, 2 each of Dark Chocolate Cherry, Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean and Darkest Dark Chocolate.
Order  Checkout   Price each - $45.99

The Milk Chocolate Assortment Includes: 3 each of Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and Vanilla Rose. You'll also get 2 each of Milk Chocolate Pomegranate and Milk Chocolate Orange plus 1 each of Milk Chocolate Caramel, Salt & Pepper Caramel and Sticky Bun.
Order  Checkout   Price each - $45.99

The White Chocolate Assortment has 4 each of: White Chocolate, White Chocolate Strawberry, Lemon Drop and White Chocolate Latte.
Order  Checkout   Price each - $45.99

All-One-Flavor  A whole box (16 truffles) of your favorite flavor to enjoy--or give as a gift. Specify flavor on next screen (click here for flavor descriptions).     
  Checkout   Price each - $45.99

“Now instead of sending flowers for special occasions or thank-yous, I send your truffles. If people want their friends and family to know they really care. . . . . they ought to send your truffles. They're THAT good.”

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Don't See an Assortment you Like? Our "2fers" Give You More Flexibility.

Does the Full Bloom have everything except that one you want to try?  Consider adding a 2fer or 2 to your order to get just what you want!

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to make custom boxes. Because our truffles are all handmade and so labor intensive, we've made our priority creating the best truffles possible. As a small, artisan chocolate company, we have decided to limit the options a bit so we can keep our focus on what we consider most important. Although it might seem simple, it's actually quite a process to create a custom package that has accurate labeling, which we are required by law to do. Some day, we hope to be able to offer custom assortments, but for now, our 2fers allow you to choose just the flavors you want. Thanks for your understanding!

“I received my order today in perfect condition--thank you! I of course had to try one right away. It was incredible. And the truly wonderful thing is that it was so satisfying. I didn't feel like scarfing the lot all at once--in fact, I don't think I could have! One was enough. This is something I've been trying to teach myself for years regarding sweets (that one is enough) but it's only true when that one satisfies your urge. Your truffles do that. It's worth it to pay more and go to the trouble of mail-ordering when what you get satisfies your cravings, rather than just making them worse. You know, I think you could market these as a diet aid to chocoholics. Rather than eating a whole bag or box of sub-par chocolate, unsuccessfully trying to quell the craving, have one Chocolate Garden truffle and you're set for the whole day!”

Mount Gilead, Ohio


Gift Card

Personalized all-occasion gift card available. Simply type your message in the Gift Card section of the order form. We’ll do the rest!

“Your chocolate is so amazing! It cures PMS!  :)  I wish I could sell it to my patients! It's better than prescribing a drug! Keep creating!”

Dr. Christine
Riverview, Michigan

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