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2 Lb Box-The Wine & Roses Assortment

Our Biggest Box Yet: the Wine & Roses AssortmentWhat to Get Someone Who Has Everything

Our Most Extravagant Box Yet: The Wine & Roses Assortment.

A full 2 Lbs, this special assortment has 36 luscious truffles either made with wine or made to pair with wine. It includes our Vanilla Rose Truffle that was created just for this assortment. Also included are Lago Rosso, Solera Double Gold and

Randall Higdon works on the original painting used for the cover of the box.
Randall Higdon works on the original painting used for the cover of the box.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry. See below for flavor descriptions. We even commissioned our favorite fine artist, Randall Higdon, to create the image titled "Lavender Rose" for the cover of the box.

This assortment is a real extravagance, but the best part is that we will donate $10.00 for every one sold to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! What could be better than a charitable act cleverly disguised as a huge box of chocolate? As many of you know, The Chocolate Garden has already raised over $100,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and this is just our latest effort on that front. For more on our involvement in this quest, click here.  Have a wine & chocolate tasting party or send this to a whole office of people you'd like to thank. Either way, you'll be spreading joy and doing good at the same time.

The Wine & Roses Assortment Includes:

9 Vanilla Rose Truffles. Pure vanilla and real distilled rose petals make this milk chocolate truffle unique. The flavor is delicate and floral and has been described as tasting like summer. It pairs beautifully with a Pinot Noir.

9 Lago Rosso Truffles. This dark chocolate truffle is infused with Contessa Wine Cellars' most popular red wine. The medium bodied, semi-dry red intensifies the darkness of the this intoxicating truffle and imparts a distinct wine note on the finish.

9 Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles. A great compliment to so many red wines, especially those with hints of berry. Also fabulous with a raspberry dessert wine. For a very unique and sophisticated dessert, make our Drunken Truffle! It looks so impressive, yet is so simple. Click here for the recipe.

9 Solera Double Gold Truffles. This milk chocolate truffle is made with the most award-winning sherry produced in the United States! St. Julian Wine Company's Solera Cream Sherry imparts caramel and butterscotch notes to this oh-so-smooth and creamy truffle.
Price - $99.99  

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