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4 oz Box

Try our newest size -- the 4 oz Box!Our Newest Size! 4 delicious chocolate truffles in our signature box. Each box is finished with a raffia tie and a small tag reading "Enjoy", "Mmmm" or "Yes, Yes, Yes!". The cards are randomly attached so you’re likely to get a different one each time you order. As with our other boxes, the “truffle map” on the inside of the lid shows which truffle is which. A nice size for when just a little something is appropriate, but a 2fer isn't enough.

“We received your delicious truffles from a friend a few years ago. Since then we have placed 5 or 6 orders - including for ourselves - and everyone has LOVED them. The couple that this order is going to said they are the best chocolates they have ever had - and they have traveled the word in their 70+ years!”

Gleason, Wisconsin

Available in these options:


The Classic Collection  You’ll get 1 each of White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Darkest Dark Chocolate.
    Price Each - $11.99

The Fruit Smoothie Assortment Includes 1 each of Dark Chocolate Cherry, Milk Chocolate Orange, Milk Chocolate Pomegranate & White Chocolate Strawberry.
    Price Each - $11.99

The Perennial Favorites Includes 1 each of Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Salted Dark & Lemon Drop.
    Price Each - $11.99

All-One-Flavor  A whole box (4 truffles) of your favorite flavor to enjoy -- or give as a gift.  Specify flavor on next screen (click here for flavor descriptions).
    Price Each - $11.99

“I just tasted your milk chocolate and thought I had died and gone to chocolate heaven!”

Granger, Indiana

Gift Card

Personalized all-occasion gift card available. Simply type your message in the Gift Card section of the order form. We’ll do the rest!

“My daughter and myself saw your sign on the interstate. So we stopped in and were totally surprised. I've never had anything like your truffles in my life. I had white chocolate strawberry and milk chocolate orange. My daughter had milk chocolate. We plan to order more later.”

Portage, Indiana

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