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A Michigan Garden of Chocolate Truffles

Tina sneaks a taste...oseph Schmidt and Godiva, you’ve got company. Next time the urge sets in, try Coloma, Mich., chocolate lover Tina Buck’s truffles. Bite into ultra-rich dark chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate hazelnut or iced white coffee flavors. Feel the melt.

Truffles are the “absolute crème de la crème of the chocolate world. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is the way to experience chocolate,” says Buck, a former Midwest ad agency vp.

A product development project for client Sara Lee started Buck on the slow road to sweetness. “Chocolate is the number one flavor in this country,” she says. “I think strawberry is second, but it’s way behind. Because of the popularity of chocolate, we ended up doing a lot of consumer research. I did a lot of reading on chocolate. The first holiday that rolled around, I set out to make truffles.”

Buck refined her truffle recipe over some 15 Christmases. Then. . . “I was on the treadmill watching Oprah one day. She was doing one of her shows about ‘making your dreams come true--basically, getting off your butt and doing it. It was like--you know, cliché--but it was like a light bulb went off in my head.”

In 1998 Buck rolled her first commercial truffle. After test marketing in Chicago, she moved to Michigan, restored an old Italianate country house and attached a professional kitchen. She still makes the majority of truffles herself. Her literature states: “When you are happy, and especially when you are in love, the level of phenylethylamine (PEA) in your brain rises dramatically. Scientists now know that chocolate is loaded with this bliss-producing substance. So rest assured, if chocolate is your one true love, it will never betray you!”

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