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Care & Handling

Care & Handling of Your Extraordinary Handmade Chocolate Truffles

Because our truffles are handmade and rolled in pure chocolate, they are more delicate than dipped or molded truffles. We believe the coating used to make those truffles sturdier also makes them less sumptuous. True chocolate connoisseurs will appreciate the silky, sensuous texture and pure chocolate taste of our extraordinary truffles. So once you’ve opened them, please store in a plastic bag or container. And especially in hot weather take care to keep your chocolate truffles in an area that is 73 or cooler.  Like kids and pets, they should never be left in a hot car!


Your chocolate truffles will stay fresh for 2 months in an unopened package or in an opened package that is stored in a plastic bag or container. Each package is stamped with a “consume by” date so you won’t have to guess if they are still fresh.

While they can be refrigerated or frozen (sealed in a freezer bag or plastic container) we don’t really recommend it due to the possibility of condensation. However, if you do refrigerate or freeze them, allow them to come to room temperature before opening and always enjoy your truffles at room temperature to experience the full flavor and uniquely creamy texture.

A Word About Warm Weather Shipping

During the summer months or if shipping to a warm climate, extra care must be taken to ensure that your chocolate truffles arrive in perfect condition. That’s why we pack all warm weather shipments in insulated containers with frozen gel packs (both reusable). We also hold orders placed mid to late week until Monday so they are not stuck in a hot warehouse over the weekend. If a holiday falls in the middle of the week, we hold your order until Monday as well.

Our goal is to provide you with the lowest cost method of receiving your chocolate truffles in perfect condition. We conduct on-going tests to make sure we are achieving that goal. Periodically, we may make changes to the shipping options we offer if we feel they are necessary to ensure the safety of your precious cargo.

Please see the Shipping section for more detailed information.

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