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“Just wanted to let you know the wonderful dark chocolate assortment I ordered as a Valentine's gift for my husband was a delightful surprise for him. He savored each and every bite like I knew he would. He shared a taste of each variety with me, too. My favorite ( dark chocolate raspberry) has now been replaced by the dark chocolate coffee bean and lago rosso. We visited your store and have ordered your truffles on-line before and we love them! I have not found a truffle that surpasses the rich decadent taste of the truffles you make. We will definitely make another visit this summer.”

Naperville, Illinois

The Darks

bulletSalted Dark -- The juxtaposition of salt and sweet make this truffle irresistible.
bulletCayenne Kick -- You asked for it, you got it! The heat in this dark chocolate truffle isn't evident at first, but give it a minute, it'll sneak up on you (in a good way)!
bulletDark Chocolate Orange -- Another customer request. Pure orange oil permeates the smooth creaminess of dark chocolate in this luscious new truffle.
bulletDark Chocolate Coffee Bean  -- For true coffee lovers, this dark chocolate truffle is reminiscent of chocolate covered coffee beans. Imagine the aroma and flavors of freshly ground coffee mingling with rich, dark chocolate.
bulletLago Rosso -- This dark chocolate truffle is infused with Contessa Wine Cellars' most popular red wine. It intensifies the darkness of the chocolate and lends a delicate wine flavor on the finish.
bulletDark Chocolate Mint -- Pure, natural peppermint oil gives this semi-sweet chocolate truffle it's cool, fresh taste.
bulletDark Chocolate --This semi-sweet chocolate truffle is for dark chocolate purists.
bulletDark Chocolate Raspberry -- Semi-sweet chocolate combined with the taste of luscious raspberry.
bulletDark Chocolate Cherry -- Smooth and creamy semi-sweet chocolate laced with the taste of cherry.
bullet Cinnamon Love -- Semi-sweet chocolate with just the right amount of cinnamon. Adorned with a cute little cinnamon heart candy. A delicious and romantic compliment to a nice bottle of red!
bulletDarkest Dark Chocolate -- For chocolate lovers who are not afraid of the dark. This truffle is made of bittersweet chocolate and rolled in cocoa.

The Milks

bulletMilk Chocolate Pomegranate -- Pure, concentrated pomegranate juice makes this truffle sweet yet tart and a little bit exotic.
bulletSalt & Pepper Caramel -- Sea salt and cracked black pepper are a new and unexpected way to enhance the buttery caramel and creamy milk chocolate of this truffle. You'll be able to say, I know the place that started this craze!
bulletMilk Chocolate Caramel -- A classic combination. Rich, buttery caramel cavorting with creamy milk chocolate.
bulletSticky Bun -- Our take on this gooey pastry in a sumptuous truffle: caramel, cinnamon, and luscious milk chocolate.
bulletBlack Licorice -- A Milk Chocolate Truffle laced with pure anise oil. Imagine that distinctive black licorice flavor but in a smooth, creamy, sumptuous chocolate truffle. Unbelievable!
bulletVanilla Rose  -- Pure vanilla and real distilled rose petals make this milk chocolate truffle unique. The flavor is delicate and floral and has been described as tasting like summer. It pairs beautifully with a Pinot Noir.
bulletSolera Double Gold -- This milk chocolate truffle is spiked with St. Julian's award-winning Solera Cream Sherry, which imparts notes of caramel and butterscotch.
bulletMilk Chocolate -- Creamy milk chocolate through and through.
bullet Milk Chocolate Orange -- As luscious as it sounds, this truffle pairs milk chocolate with the fresh, clean taste of a sweet, juicy orange.
bulletMilk Chocolate Hazelnut -- A little more than a hint of hazelnut flavor permeates this milk chocolate truffle.

The Whites

bulletCitrus Ginger -- This unique and sophisticated truffle has a bright, almost effervescent quality that dances on the tongue.
bulletLemon Drop  -- White chocolate and pure lemon make this truffle sweet, yet tangy . . . innocent, yet sophisticated.
bulletWhite Chocolate Strawberry -- Creamy white chocolate packed with real, freeze-dried powdered strawberries for a fresh-picked, natural taste.  Talk about strawberries and cream!
bulletWhite Chocolate -- Pure, creamy, dreamy white chocolate.
bulletWhite Chocolate Latté -- White chocolate, a tiny bit of milk chocolate and a subtle coffee flavor make this truffle reminiscent of a sweet and creamy Latté.

“All I can say is ‘Oh my God.’ Unbelievable taste.”

South Bend, Indiana


Our Most Recent Additions . . .

Milk Chocolate Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Caramel Citrus Ginger
Milk Chocolate Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Caramel Citrus Ginger
Salted Dark Milk Chocolate Caramel Sticky Bun
Salted Dark Milk Chocolate Caramel Sticky Bun
Cayenne Kick Dark Chocolate Orange Black Licorice Lemon Drop
Cayenne Kick Dark Chocolate Orange Black Licorice Lemon Drop

“Oh my God! Just received our order today. Sampled the Salted Dark Chocolate and cannot believe how wonderful they are. Words simply cannot describe how rich, creamy and perfect they are. Thank you for a fabulous indulgence.”

Davenport, Iowa

“I received the black licorice chocolates for a Christmas gift and all I can say is WOW.”

La Habra Heights, California

“OMG -- I bought the Lemon Drop truffle, it's to die for. It's soooo good.”

Chicago, Illinois


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