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Personalized Party Favors

Our 1 and 2-Truffle boxes can be customized for any occasion. From birthdays and graduation parties to reunions and holiday celebrations; the possibilities are endless. Available in any of our luscious flavors. For a list and flavor descriptions, click here.

To discuss your party or place your order, please call us at (269) 468-YUMM at least 1 month prior to requested delivery date. Due to their personalized nature, these items cannot be ordered over the internet.

1-Truffle Box -- $3.99 each plus 1-time $25.00 custom label tag-up fee.

2-Truffle Box -- $6.99 each plus 1-time $25.00 custom label tag-up fee. Each box contains 2 truffles of the same flavor, or choose one the following combinations:

     -Milk & Dark Chocolate

     -Milk & White Chocolate

     -Dark & White Chocolate

     -Dark & Darkest Chocolate

     -Solera Double Gold & Lago Rosso

     -Milk Chocolate Orange & Dark Chocolate Orange

Due to labeling laws, we are not able to substitute truffles.

Bulk -- $2.99 per truffle. You can also purchase our truffles without special packaging -- perfect for serving on a dessert table or a buffet.

1-Truffle Box
1-Truffle Box
New 2-Truffle Box
2-Truffle Box
Purchase in bulk for a dessert table or buffet.

Our truffles can be purchased in bulk for a dessert table or buffet.

We now offer 16 raffia colors!

We now offer 16 raffia colors!

2-Truffle Box
2-Truffle Box
1-Truffle Box
1-Truffle Box

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