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2 oz Bag

2 Oz BagAffectionately called “2fers”, each 2 oz bag holds a pair of creamy chocolate truffles. See below for options (click here for more detailed flavor descriptions).

Price Each - $5.99

“I just wanted to let you know that a friend brought me a "2fer" of the Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean for my birthday and I have to tell you this is THE BEST CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE I'VE HAD IN MY LIFE!!!  Truly Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually saved one so my husband could sample with a glass of wine. . . he thought I meant he could have the whole Truffle. . . .NOT!  I was kind enough to share it with him though! LOL!

I can't wait to place an order.”

Aliso Viejo, California

Price Each - $5.99  

The Darks


Dark Chocolate


Salted Dark


Dark Chocolate Raspberry


Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean


Dark Chocolate Cherry


Dark Chocolate Mint


Dark Chocolate Orange


Cayenne Kick


Cinnamon Love


Lago Rosso


Darkest Dark Chocolate


The Milks


Milk Chocolate


Milk Chocolate Caramel


Salt & Pepper Caramel


Milk Chocolate Hazelnut


Milk Chocolate Orange


Sticky Bun


Solera Double Gold


Vanilla Rose


Black Licorice


Milk Chocolate Pomegranate


The Whites


White Chocolate


White Chocolate Strawberry


White Chocolate Latté


 Lemon Drop


Citrus Ginger


Combo Packs


Milk & Dark Chocolate Combo Pack

One Milk Chocolate Truffle, one Dark Chocolate Truffle


Dark & White Chocolate Combo Pack

One Dark Chocolate Truffle, one White Chocolate Truffle


Milk & White Chocolate Combo Pack

One Milk Chocolate Truffle, one White Chocolate Truffle


Dark & Darkest Dark Chocolate Combo Pack

One Dark Chocolate Truffle, one Darkest Dark Chocolate Truffle


Solera Double Gold & Lago Rosso Red Wine Combo

One Solera Double Gold Truffle, one Lago Rosso Red Wine Truffle


Milk & Dark Chocolate Orange Combo

One Milk Chocolate Orange Truffle, one Dark Chocolate Orange Truffle


Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean & White Chocolate Latté Combo

One Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean Truffle, one White Chocolate Latté Truffle


2fer Gift Boxes

A nice way to dress up our 2fers for gift giving. Our 2fer Gift Boxes hold either two or three 2fers beautifully. Order the version you want below (two or three 2fers) then select your 2fers on the next screen.

Gift box with 2 2fersGift Box with two 2fers - $13.67


Gift box with 3 2fersGift Box with three 2fers - $19.66

Gift Card

Personalized all-occasion gift card available. Simply type your message in the Gift Card section of the order form. We’ll do the rest!


“I would like to tell you what a joy it is to order from your site. I especially like the flavors and options for sizing, because when I want to send someone 'just a little something' there is the 2 oz package which is just enough, and once I learn what they like the best I can order bigger. The packaging, cards, and most of all the quality of the chocolates are all just fabulous. Thank you so much for all you offer. ”

L. D.
Sierra Vista, Arizona

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