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Customer Comments About The Chocolate Garden

“Your chocolates saved my mother's life!

Really! My 75 year old mother is seriously diabetic. Yesterday, she was alone packing and moving from her long-time home (she has been widowed twice. She is getting married for a 3rd time to her high school sweetheart Bob).

She had little food in the house and had exerted herself too much. She began to get dizzy and checked her blood sugar to find it was dangerously low. She frantically began searching the house for something sweet but could only find her half empty bottle of Coke. It wasn't enough. She was shaking badly and growing dizzy. She couldn't find her cell phone to call 911 either.

She said for some strange reason she remembered she saw a box on the steps when she arrived home. With hands and legs shaking she went outside to look and there was a package. She couldn't read the label but decided to open it with the hope it was something she could use.

She said she thought it was a gift from God when she discovered it was chocolate truffles. She quickly ate 4 of them and began to feel better. {She said she ate 3 more after she began to feel better just because they were that good.}

 She really believes she would have blacked out and died had she not received your chocolates when she did.

I, of course, am the hero son and what is funny is I never send her chocolates.

On behalf of her fiancé Bob, her 6 children, 19 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren we  thank you for helping save Mom's life this Mother's Day. 

Chocolate Garden - Truffles so good they are Life Saving!”

Scottsdale, Arizona


“I can't believe how wonderful your chocolates are. I have never had anything that comes close to them. I received a box as a gift. I am so impressed I will be giving them as a gift also. Thank you so much.”



“Thanks you sooo much for making the best chocolates EVER!”

Billings, Montana


“I just tried 4 of your "2fers" (milk chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate strawberry, solera double gold and darkest dark chocolate) and they were so good that I had no trouble eating them all in less time than it did for me to open the box they were shipped in. They are definitely the best chocolates I've had since being to Belgium, and even there I never had better texture. You can really tell that they are hand made. I cannot see how a machine could possibly be able to produce that.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“This past Valentine's Day, I ordered a 9 oz box of your truffles as a gift for the woman I'm dating. Eleven days later, she became my fiancé. I don't know if it was the truffles that did it, but she LOVES the truffles! It's the best chocolate we've ever tasted!”

Alexandria, Louisiana


“Thanks for all that you guys do! I love ordering from you both online and in the store. Your staff is always so friendly and your truffles are, of course, the best.”

Buchanan, Michigan


“My mother loves truffles. I used to live in Paris and would routinely send her a box at holiday time. Since moving to Hong Kong, finding and shipping decent truffles is much more difficult. One year I sent a box from Godiva and got a pleasant 'Thank you they were good'.

But last year, I decided to search for something with a little more care and loving built in to the chocolate. . .if that's possible, and I located The Chocolate Garden. The response began with 'OHH! Ab-so-lute-ly wonderful!' or something like that, and the comments and compliments about your truffles continued unabated for the next five minutes. I knew I had hit on something good.”

Hong Kong


“My wife Mary and I have been exchanging truffles from your place for many of our special occasions over the last few years. We have 'turned on' many family, friends, teachers and coworkers to your products and the end result is always a delightful one with rave reviews. Everyone says it is the best truffle they have ever had, bar none. I always say if I had to choose a last meal; it would be a one pound box of truffles from The Chocolate Garden.”

Naperville, Illinois


“I just wanted to say - WOW! What amazing customer service. I have already received my order, and it looks to be in tip-top condition. Can't let myself open any of the boxes yet - they have to make it to Christmas! Thanks again for such an excellent product. Merry Christmas!”

Kaukauna, Wisconsin


“Thank you for your quick response. My Mother received her chocolate yesterday and she thinks they are fantastic. I think I may have just moved to the top of the Christmas list! haha I'm a Food Network junkie so I watch it all the time and I caught the end of the show Food Finds and heard The Chocolate Garden mentioned. Since I love chocolate, I figured The Chocolate Garden was something I needed to check out...and the rest is history.

Thank you for making such wonderful chocolate treats!”

Atwater, Ohio


“I have just received my order for your truffles and I have to say that they are simply AMAZING! Your product is incredible! Keep up the good work!!”

Charlotte, North Carolina


“I just received my box of handmade truffles. Soooo Good! My husband likes Dark Chocolate and I ate the Milk Chocolates. The cherry flavoring in one tasted like a real maraschino cherry. Thank you.”

Southaven, Mississippi


“Last summer my husband and I stayed in a B&B in South Haven. The couple sitting next to us was raving about your truffles. They saw your billboard on the highway and decided to stop. Of course being the chocolate lover I am, we had to go! The inn keeper gave us your flyer. We took a different way home so we could stop at your store. WOW! I was hooked. I wanted 2 of everything. We bought a wonderful variety in a 9 pack. As it goes, we were stuck in construction traffic on our way home. We were in a convertible & the truffles were in a cooler on the back seat. They were calling out to me CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! Needless to say, they never made it home!

Your truffles put a wonderful finishing touch on our trip. Thank you!!!!”

Waterford, Michigan


“I ordered a 2 oz bag last week and received them today. I shared one with a co-worker and, we just bought three 1Lb boxes! The milk chocolate truffles are great! We wish we lived closer to you to stop in and see all you have to offer.”

Houston, Texas


“Hi.  I just wanted to express my extreme appreciation for your amazing truffles.  My fiancée gave me some as a Valentine's day gift, and when I bit into your chocolate it made me feel all warm and cozy all over.  I've traveled a lot to Europe, both West and East, and I've yet to find a truffle as scrumdidilyumptious as yours.  Once again, they're amazing, thank you, ”

Spencer and Christine
Sandy and Provo, Utah


“Visited The Chocolate Garden today after seeing your shop on the Food Network. Had a great visit, and this evening had our first raspberry truffle. To say it was outstanding would be an understatement. It was the best piece of chocolate decadence we have ever had.”

Walter & Kathleen
Schererville, Indiana


“Your truffles are excellent! Today was the first time I had a chance to try them! Very tasty and the best I’ve tasted! Your 9 oz chocolate boxes came in handy for gifts as I’m on maternity leave and thus, shall I say, don’t get out often!”

Northville, Michigan


“I'm so glad I ordered your wonderful truffles after seeing your business on Food Finds. I had a feeling that your truffles would stand out from the rest and I was definitely right. I kept track of all of the chocolates I saw on food network for MONTHS. I decided it would be fun to choose five or six of the places I saw featured on TV, and order chocolates for my family and friends to give as Christmas gifts, and I would of course get some for myself too :)  Having sampled the chocolates from all of the other places I've seen featured on Food Network, I have to say that yours are the best by far. The others were all very good, but they didn't approach the level of excellence that you've reached with your truffles.”

Another very VERY happy customer (one of many I have no doubt),

Ann Arbor, Michigan


“My dearest Tina, you have forever changed my life.  Last year I asked my friend to take a 3-1/2 hour trip with me to try some truffles that I saw on Food Network.  She thought I was absolutely certified until she took a bite of the raspberry chocolate truffle.  And then she knew what all the fuss was over.  Personally, the hazelnut and dark chocolate are my favorites.  I have tried almost every kind of chocolate known to man and The Chocolate Garden truffles are by far the most amazing experience my mouth has had.”

R. F.
Linwood, Michigan


“Dear Tina, It is Christmas Eve in Chardon, Ohio . . .  could you hear the contented yummmmmmm coming to Coloma from the south? We were enjoying the truffles with our children and their families and yumming and smiling a lot! Thank you for your gift of creating joy and delight through the enjoyment of your truffles.”

Chardon, Ohio


“Dear Ms. Buck, Chief Chocolate Officer:

Since being established in 1973, our Solera Cream Sherry has won more Gold and Double-Gold medals than any other sherry produced in the United States. Over the years, many desserts and confections have been created using our Solera Sherry in the recipe. I must say, however, that your Solera Cream Sherry Truffle towers above anything I have ever tasted in terms of flavor and complexity--it is indeed a winner!”

David Braganini, President
St. Julian Wine Company, Inc.
Paw Paw, Michigan


“I came across your name on a listing of chocolate shops from the Food Finds program on the Food Network website. I checked out your website and was impressed with the quality of your product. The fact that you make your truffles by hand and make them to order was what induced me to purchase them for my mother in law. I wanted her to have something special and realize that special takes time. Once again, thank you for following up on my order. It's not often we come across this level of service from an internet order.”

Winter Park, Florida


“I received your chocolates...and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!  Talk about chocolate heaven.  You are now my love!!!! Your truffles are the answer to any chocoholic's dreams. Thank you for the wonderful shipping/packaging...the precious joys were not damaged in any way and came all intact. Look for another order shortly. Thanks again.”

Lawrenceville, Georgia


“Greetings Tina!  It's been awhile since we've ordered.  Getting too caught up with all the business of life, moving, etc.  My husband, Kelly and I think about your truffles often and said "We HAVE to order them today"!  Can't WAIT to receive them!  Wishing you continued success!”

Kelly and Tina
Brentwood, California


“My husband and I were on the wine tour last weekend and he surprised me with a trip to your store.  We took some truffles home with us and have been indulging ourselves every night.  They last a long time if you have just one!  They are wonderful.”

Goshen, Indiana


“The truffles were received in excellent condition - what unique packaging! Each day, my Mom and I would select one, divide it in half and share. Eating these delicacies was a spiritual experience. They are beyond compare. I will be placing a Christmas order soon. Thank you.”

Fort Gratiot, Michigan


“I think I have tasted heaven!!!”

Lambetrville, New Jersey


“thank you for making wonderful chocolates. never in my wildest dreams have i had something so wonderful.”

Sunnyvale, California


“I received my truffles today and I need to slap myself to stop eating them. They are luscious, silky and full of flavor. Thank you.”

Troy, Michigan


“Just wanted to let you know how much my mother in law loved the truffles for her birthday..sending another batch for Xmas..thanks again for a wonderful product.”

Englewood, Florida


“Last week you and I talked on the phone about getting an order of truffles to me in short order for a dinner party I was planning.  The truffles arrived Thursday, in plenty of time for my Friday dinner party.  My guests loved them; they were actually moaning in pleasure when they bit into them.  Thanks so much!”

Martinez, California


“I LOVE the truffles...they are so unusual! Tell Tina they are the best I've ever had in Paris bar none! I love the way they are so soft. Actually, I slice them and eat them slowly that way. Yummy! ”

Paris, France


“Oh my God!! I ordered 8 boxes from you...all gifts...three to be sent here to give away and five mailed directly to others. They arrived  today, with a package of two for us to sample. We did. I have lived a long time and have NEVER tasted anything like that. They are just outstandingly delicious. I mean, they are just Divine. And Yummy, too. Thanks. Wonderful, wonderful!!.”

Sarasota, Florida


“Our daughter in Missouri called last evening to tell us she had received the chocolate truffles. She was delighted with your product (she is a REAL chocolate lover) and couldn't get over how unusually delicious they were. Thanks for your excellent service and exquisite truffles.”

Melvin & Joyce
Leander, Texas


“just a quick note to tell you all at the chocolate garden how exquisite your truffles were. i received them 2 days ago and they are already gone. i will order again soon. many thanks.”

Allentown, Pennsylvania


“I just received my box of chocolate "melt in your mouth" treasures yesterday. I have to admit, all of the positive testimonials were "right-on". Your truffles are extremely delicate and silky. How do you do it? They melt in your mouth like cotton candy except with much more depth in taste and texture. They are the ultimate joy and pleasure for the chocoholic. This is a wonderful addiction and I will enjoy feeding my addiction for months to come. My next order will have to be the pounder!!”

Fort Huachuca, Arizona


“I was SO impressed with the quality and taste of your wonderful delectables! The Dark Chocolate are by FAR my favorite and they were the most heavenly truffles I have ever enjoyed! Thank you so much for making such a quality handmade treat! (I can’t wait for the next holiday so I have an excuse to ask for more!)”

Louisville, Kentucky


“I just got a box of your truffles today. The Cinnamon Love is positively wonderful! I also noted that your storage guidelines say the truffles will last two months if stored properly. I really don't think there's much worry of them nearing their expiration date - they get eaten too fast for that!”

Chula Vista, California


“Delivery of my order arrived in the time promised. A practice other retailers should envy. In our initial sampling, we find your product very deserving of its reputation-exceeding our expectation. We are fortunate to have been viewing Food TV at the right moment. You’ll be hearing from us again. Thanks.”

Newport, Rhode Island


“A few of us at work just tried your truffles for the first time, and we must say they are like nothing we have ever tried before. Even before biting into those golf ball size delicacies, we could smell the cherry, raspberry and orange. Once we bit into them and savored the flavor (apologize for the cliché) not to mention the soft texture, we were hooked!”

Absolutely the best!

HoHoKus, New Jersey


“We received our order today & umm, uum, good.”

Centerville, Indiana


“Last week I received a package. When I leaned over I saw that distinctive tan card with those most chocolate of words ‘The Chocolate Garden.’ I grabbed the package and ran into the house frantically looking for a knife to cut open the box so I could see and smell one of life’s special presents. Finally, there it was. As I savored that last morsel of chocolate all I could think of was thank you, thank you and thank you.”

Another still satisfied customer,

Sarasota, Florida


“dear gentlepeople at the chocolate garden:

yes, words cannot express how much we have enjoyed the full bloom assortment. well worth the wait. you are to be thanked x 10 plus one. ”

Lincoln, Illinois


“To the talented truffle makers at The Chocolate Garden, a million thanks! I was pleasantly surprised to receive a box of your dark chocolate truffles for my birthday this year. This was my first introduction to the delectable products you create. Never in my wildest dreams could I have conjured such a delightful and sensual chocolate experience. The truffles are a single lady’s date on a Friday night!”

Panama City, Florida


“My husband and I are absolutely in love with your truffles!  None finer anywhere on Earth. Made with love and shipped with special care...they are a little bit of Heaven delivered to our door.”

Sunset Valley, Texas 


“Hooooooly Cow!!! I’m in heaven!!

Forever grateful,”

Atlanta, Georgia


“Just thought I’d let you know that the truffles arrived and my Mother-in-Law couldn’t have been happier!  She said they were the absolute best she had ever tasted -- and she’s been tasting for 86 years!  Absolutely no comparison with all the others we’ve tried, and some very expensive ones at that.

I will certainly be a repeat customer, and I thank everyone at The Chocolate Garden for making such a superior and delicious product!.”

El Paso, Texas


“I received my box of chocolates today and they were well worth the wait!  I honestly thought I might miss the waxy chocolate shell, but oh my goodness I couldn’t have been more wrong. I like to save the best for last so I’m saving the Darkest Dark Chocolate truffle, but I did have the plain Dark Chocolate and all I can say is FABULOUS! My only regret is that I didn’t purchase the 1 pound box!”

Chesterfield Township, Michigan


“I recently bought two 2oz bags and two 9oz boxes, one box for my Mom and one for my Mother-In-Law. The 2oz bags were for my husband and me. I just want to tell you that without exception, we thought they were the best chocolates we had ever eaten! The Dark Chocolate Cherry were to die for!!!!!”

I will be ordering more, that is for sure.

Wapella, Illinois


“I received the truffles on time, and I must say they are absolutely wonderful. I gave one box away to the concierge downstairs and they haven’t stopped raving about them. I’m trying desperately hard not to eat them all up at once, but am having a little difficulty with that. Thanks for all the great service and for creating such scrumptious treats. I am going to tell all my friends about you and will be looking forward to my next order.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


“I thought I had tasted the best chocolate in the world.  Then, I received a box of your chocolates and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I am a chocoholic. I managed a Swiss chocolate shop on Michigan Avenue in Chicago for 5 years. It was incredible chocolate. The Chocolate Garden has it beat. I would rather have a box of your chocolates than diamonds any day. I am saving the Iced White Coffee for last. If you hear moaning anywhere in the state of Georgia. . .it’s me eating the last in my hidden box.”

Atlanta, Georgia


“I am the one who called and had you send a box of dark truffles to my son in Alaska.  He thought they were incredible. I also told a friend of mine.  Their quest is to send the best truffles to her husband’s aunt in Hawaii.  They sent a box of yours and she agreed they were the best she had tasted.

Keep up they great work.”

Decatur, Illinois


“I purchased a 1 Lb box of your truffles for Valentine’s Day.  Each time we try one of the truffles, my girlfriend giggles without control claiming she cannot help it.  Truly unbelievable texture and taste.”

Blacksburg, Virginia


“Hi, I just received my 1st order after hearing about you on tv.  I took one bite, then ran to place my 2nd order (and I’m not sharing this stuff with anyone)!  Everything they say is true!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!”

North Adams, Massachusetts


“Praises to the chef.  I just ordered my second box of The Chocolate Garden’s truffles.  My first box was so extraordinary, I placed a second order within a month’s time.  I am a true chocoholic, and your truffles rate a 10+ on the endorphin scale.  Thanks for sharing your talent with other chocolate lovers, I truly appreciate it.”

Houston, Texas


“I am so grateful to have discovered your fantastic truffles. Every year before the holidays, I search for one extraordinary product to send to each of my friends around the country. Some years the search is easier than others, but this year, after discovering your unbelievable truffles, there is no doubt what the gift will be. 9 oz boxes to everyone! Thanks for your dedication to the perfect truffle, and for making it so easy to share them with others with your convenient shipping.”

Coloma, Michigan 


“Thank you ever so much for the most delicious truffles I have ever had. Believe me, I have tried a lot of truffles in my life and when my husband had you send me this box they were truly to die for. Thank you again and I will be ordering much more in the upcoming months. You have truly perfected the art of Truffles!!!!!”

North Mankato, Minnesota


“I just received a box of your truffles from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  Your truffles are, by far, the best I have ever had.  Incredibly, sensuously, delicious!  Thank you.”

Grand Rapids, Michigan


“THANK YOU for producing such a high quality product with service to match!  I ‘accidentally’ found your site while surfing online late one night last week.  Being a truffle lover/connoisseur, I ordered immediately and was enjoying your truffles two days later.  When sharing my discovery with friends, I think my exact words were that your truffles are so good it’s almost not legal!

Thumbs up for impeccable quality and outstanding service!  I will be ordering regularly.  Cheers!”

Comstock Park, Michigan


“I had a friend bring me one of your truffles. . . .I have never tasted anything so wonderfully sinful!!  I can’t wait to get my own box as well as one for my daughter. . .Thank you for developing such a delightful sweet.”

Elkhart, Indiana


“I received the truffles the other night and they were extraordinary! I have never had something that “exploded” in my mouth. The flavor was wonderful and I had a hard time trying to save some for later! I will definitely order again in the future. Keep up the good work!”

Aurora, Illinois


“Oh my God, your truffles are amazing!”

Los Angeles, California


“We received your truffles fiancé and I are still stunned at what an AMAZING product you folks produce.  They were absolutely exquisite!!!”

Portland, Oregon


“I think it is obvious by my recent and frequent orders that I am in love with your company. Your product is excellent! Your service is excellent! The truffles make a wonderful gift because they are unique and like nothing that can be found around here. I can’t stop bragging about it!”

Ramsey, Minnesota


“Got the truffles I’d ordered last Thursday, just before Easter. We couldn’t wait for Easter and tore into them immediately.  They were wonderful!

As Arnold would say, I’ll be back.”

Las Cruces, New Mexico


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