Lake Effect Winds -- a woodwind quintet

Lake Effect Winds -- a woodwind quintet

Imagine the beautiful sounds of a woodwind quintet playing against the backdrop of a lush, green orchard while you sip wine, sample great cuisine and enjoy the company of friends.

The Chocolate Garden is thrilled to have been joined for the 2005 & 2006 65 Roses Garden Party by Lake Effect Winds. They brought a sophistication and elegance to our event and set just the right mood. And you don't have to imagine, you can listen by clicking below!

Comprised of a flute, clarinet, French horn, oboe and bassoon, Lake Effect Winds plays a wide variety of music. From soothing to upbeat, from sophisticated to fun, Lake Effect Winds does it all.

Following are just a few of the pieces performed by Lake Effect Winds. Simply click to download the mp3 files and enjoy using the music player of your choice (Windows Media Player, MusicMatch and Itunes all will work fine).

bullet The Heavens Declare, Marcello
bullet Divertimento #1, Haydn
bullet A Mighty Fortress, Walter
bullet Moonlight Serenade, Miller
bullet St. Louis Blues, Handy
bullet Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Bach

For more information about Lake Effect Winds, call Lisa Bubar at (269) 428-3959 or Melody Prather at (269) 982-3151.

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