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Open 7 Days a Week--Year 'Round-With Only 4 Exceptions*!

Summer/Fall hours: 10am-7pm

(Memorial Day weekend thru Halloween)

Winter/Spring Hours: 10am-6pm

(November 1st to Memorial Day weekend)

Our Address: 2691 Friday Road, Coloma, Michigan. 

Phone: (269) 468-9866

To get to us: It's so simple! From I-94, take exit #39 and turn left (this is true no matter from which direction you are coming) go about 1 mile and we're on the left.  You will pass Contessa Wine Cellars and Grandpa's Cider Mill, both on the left, before you get to us.  We're set back off the road and a little hard to see, but have signs directing you where to turn in.

We're only about 90 minutes from Chicago, 45 minutes from South Bend and 3 hours from Detroit.

From South Bend: take the 31 Bypass north to Napier Avenue. Turn left and go about 2 miles to I-94 east. Take I-94 east to exit 39. Turn left and go about 1 mile. Look for us on the left!

You can also print out turn-by-turn directions using the handy tool below.

We're only closed 4 days a year. See Holiday Schedule below.

The Chocolate Garden retail shop is now open for business!
Choose from a wide assortment of delicious handmade chocolate truffles for a friend...or yourself! Enjoy the cozy, relaxed atmosphere of The Chocolate Garden retail shop!
  Turn here if you're passionate about chocolate!

“My best friend and I were just up in St. Joseph this past weekend for a girls get away and stopped in your shop . . . .WOW! Your staff was not only professional and friendly but your chocolates were outstanding! We joked how it would be sooo worth the couple hour drive from our Indiana homes to do a 'truffle run'! Thank you for providing such a wonderful product and the new tasting bar was a great touch! We will be ordering online as well as visiting again soon!”

Crown Point, Indiana

* Holiday Schedule

The Chocolate Garden is only closed a few days a year.  Those days are:

New Year's Day

Easter Sunday



We are open all "Eves" for your shopping convenience!


“My experience in your store was a great one.  I was just coming home from Michigan and returning to Chicago from a really sad event and I happened to wander off into your store.  The smell of the truffles warmed up my heart instantly.  I got some for my friends at home but didn't get any for myself.  My friends told me it was the most delicious thing on earth!  I will definitely make the trip to get more of those heavenly treats.”

Chicago, Illinois

Directions to The Chocolate Garden

The map below shows a several-state area, with a red star representing our location (Coloma, Michigan). Click one of the links below the map for a closer look. Or, get detailed directions by simply typing in your starting location and clicking the "Get Directions" button.

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“You know how there are things in life you recall as 'best of. . . .' experiences? Moments with friends, fine meals, perfect sunsets, etc? Well, the dark chocolate mint truffles stand as the best chocolate we've ever had. We both remember digging into the box as soon as we got into the car after leaving your door. We still talk about the car ride savoring one truffle each, which lasted all the way back to our hotel. Good memories, indeed.”

Brian and Anne
Owensboro, Kentucky

“I came across your store just by chance, on a visit to Michigan and I have to say I am hooked! I had one of the coffee and truffle drinks and it is now my Saturday morning 'splurge'. I am officially out of truffles and really do need a fix! Thank you for the incredible little slice of chocolate heaven.”

Galena, Ohio

“This past weekend, my boyfriend and I were cruising the wineries in the Coloma area and were directed to The Chocolate Garden. What an incredible find!! Being a true chocoholic, I appreciate great chocolate. . .however, I have never in my experience tasted anything as great as YOUR chocolate! I took one bite as I sat in the car ready to leave, but ran right back into the shop to express my complete and ecstatic joy over the taste and texture of the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut truffle I had just bitten into. I didn't want it to end! We came back the very next day to buy more and I will continue to purchase your fabulous creations. Congratulations on a truly wonderful product!!”

South Bend, Indiana

“My husband and I traveled to your cute shop several weeks ago just to purchase your chocolates. We had read about them in our local paper and you were only about an hour away so we decided to make a day trip of it. Well, we were so impressed with our purchase of the Full Bloom Assortment that I have just ordered a package for my mother and oldest daughter who is also a mother of two sweet children.

They were the most flavorful and silky chocolates I have ever eaten and yes, I have eaten Belgium chocolate!!!

Thank you so much for following your heart and creating these sinful treats for us. . .may you always be blessed in your business.”

Cynthia & Steve
Portage, Michigan

“On a recent wine trail run this weekend, we found The Chocolate Garden or should I say, we found heaven. We often stop at chocolate shops on our travels and have encountered some fairly good chocolates. Nowhere have I encountered chocolates of this magnitude . . a mouthful of heaven. Now when we make our wine runs, there will be a stop at the Garden . . Just call me a Happy Hoosier looking forward to another run to Michigan.”

Hobart, Indiana

John and Elaine visit The Garden

“As soon as I read about The Chocolate Garden, I knew I had to bring my wife Elaine--an unrepentant choc-o-holic--to your store for our anniversary.

All the way from Kalamazoo to Coloma we played a version of "Twenty Questions" as she tried to guess where I was taking her. Since she knew nothing about The Chocolate Garden, coming there was completely unexpected. When we pulled in your drive her eyes got as big as saucers.

'A chocolate garden?!? A chocolate garden?!? You found a chocolate garden?!?'  She kept repeating it over and over. Then we walked into the store. The beautiful basket of flowers you helped me order and have delivered looked absolutely spectacular on the counter. Elaine was totally, completely surprised by both the flowers and your shop. She spent nearly half an hour deciding on the perfect (for this moment) truffle assortment.

In the hour we spent in your shop, talking with you, enjoying a TruffLatté and your company, we feel we made a new friend, a friend we hope to visit often.

Oh, yes--the god, the truffles! you described them as 'intense'. You didn't tell us that the taste, the wonderful intense flavor lingers on the palate long after the last of the chocolate has melted away.

Thank you for your graciousness, your hospitality, your help in arranging for the flowers, for sharing this special day with us, and oh yes, for those incredible, amazing truffles!”

John & Elaine
Kalamazoo, Michigan

An anniversary kiss at The Garden!

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