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Ordering from The Chocolate Garden is a safe and secure process. We take care to protect your information both online and offline.

Online, we use industry standard technology to protect your billing and credit card information, namely, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and S-HTTP (Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol). What all this means is that your information is encrypted as it travels over the internet to our secure server. You can verify this by looking for a closed lock icon (usually near the web address) or "https" at the beginning of the address of the webpage where you enter personal information. If you think about how you normally use your credit card (e.g.: giving it to a server at a restaurant who leaves your sight for several minutes or calling a catalog company and giving it to the person who takes your order) there are much more stringent security practices in place on the internet!

Offline, only employees who need the information to do their job (to process credit cards or ship your order) are granted access to your information and we do not store your credit card information in our database.


The only thing we use your personal information for is to fill your order and provide you with better service (and the only information we have access to is what you provide us). We do not sell or share your name, address, email address or any other information--with anyone. We may occasionally call a recipient to make sure their truffles arrived in perfect condition (part of our on-going quality assurance program) or update our customers via email or snail mail with news about The Garden. We may also post your comments on the website but will only identify you by first name, city and state. If you prefer we not do any of this, just let us know. Again, our only goal is to make your experience with The Chocolate Garden as pleasant as possible.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. You may call us at (269) 468-9866 or email

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